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Trump Should Deal With Fat Cats like GM

On Sep 15th, 50,000 hourly workers led by the United Auto Workers union went out on strike against General Motor. And the strike is still going on. There are both full time workers and temporary workers.

The union is demanding higher pay and better profit sharing plan and accused the company of putting profits ahead of employees.

GM says that the company’s average hourly employee earns about $90,000 per year, but the number of hourly workers at GM has declined sharply in recent decades, due to a combination of automation, lost market share and outsourcing.

But GM is still what we call a “highly American” company because, according to CNN, it has far more factories in the United States than it does in Mexico or Canada.

President Donald Trump and his former Chief Strategist Mr. Steve Bannon would love the company for it. People like them are always complaining that factories are closed and jobs are stolen by evil Chinese, Mexicans and workers from other country.

On Sep 19th, Bannon appeared on CNBC and everything was still the usual. He said Wall Street was coming around to President Trump’s view on China. “Wall Street is starting to get religion like Trump, Schwarzman now has religion on CNBC.”

Bannon still doesn’t understand what is going on. He should walk into a GM factory and have a nice tea party. Bannon could ask why they are not happy. The Chinese do not steal their job because as it is reported the majority of GM factories are in America.

They are not happy because the system is rigged. Workers are under-represented. They are exploited by their executives and the fat cats have the all.

Bannon doesn’t understand nor does he care. Trump doesn’t understand nor does he care. Bannon points to China because either he is stupid or he is covering for the fat cats. If the latter is the case, then he is as rigged as anyone else and he is part of the problem he is claiming to solve.

Trump is waging a trade war against China because he wants a good deal. If he really is the workers’ man, the deplorable’s hero, he should have had a nice tea party with the workers and listened to them. It has been two weeks and Trump has tweeted dozens of times but failed to even share workers’ concerns. Targeting China will not make America great again.

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