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Trump Should be Carefull of Bannon in 2020

Steve Bannon is befriended with the fugitive Chinese real estate tycoon Mr. Miles Kowk in the recent months. Mr. Kowk is a Chinese national who has claimed to be suffered from persecution from the communist government. How he is promoting a regime change back in China.

This is interesting. Mr. Kowk claimed himself the leader of the China’s anti-corruption movement. But as far as I know, his accumulation of wealth is the result of China’s corruption. Everybody knows that Chinese businessmen and the officials just sleep in one bed.

Why has Bannon allied with this guy? The answer is simple: Bannon needs his money. Every higher course needs material support, so does Bannon’s.

Back in 2017, when Bannon was still in the White House, he had a plenty of ways to make money. Besides, he was not in a dire need of making himself heard. All he needed to do was to have another interview with mainstream media. And he was the chief editor of the Breitbart news.

However, he was driven out of the White House by President Donald Trump like a dead dog. And Mr. Robert Mercer, the guy behind Breitbart, ended his editorship. To make things worse, no mainstream media wanted to have an interview because they just despised each other.

Here is the problem, Bannon needed to promote his influence and by doing so he needed money. And he also needed financial support to fund his trips to Europe and the luxury hotel rooms in Italy and France. At the dire moment of his life, Mr. Miles Kwok showed up in his doorway.

Mr. Kwok promised millions of dollars and made Mr. Bonnon the head of his Rule of Law Fund. I don’t understand Chinese but an educated friend told me that Mr. Kwok said that billions of dollars were infused into the fund. That is to say, Mr. Kwok is even richer that Mr. Trump and his Fund is even bigger than the Clintons’.

Maybe I shall write an angry letter to the IRS to have their tax records checked.

It is highly possible that Mr. Bannon is rich again. He keeps disappearing on the mainstream media because he doesn’t need them. If I am in charge of a billion-dollar fund, I would be a happy old man.

But we know Bannon is not happy. He is planning the regime change right here, in Washington D.C. with a high-profile coming-back in 2020.

Well, President Trump should pay attention to him and the Mr. Kwok behind him. United, they are strong and billions-of-dollar richer than Trump, which means a billions-of-dollar bigger trouble. In America, money brings about influence and large chunks of money make you the president. Trump should beware.

By keeping just one eye open, Trump fails to see the potential threats. In the next year, he will definitely pay.

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