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The establishment is going to fail us again. There is still no alternative.

My favorite British newspaper the Guardian asked a great question: Why do we cling to the myth of the evil genius? Because the alternative is worse.

Because the establishment sucks, the GOP and Democrats are totally not cool.

The article said, at the peak of the media’s fascination with Steve Bannon, and before it became clear that his route to the White House was less the application of evil genius and more a question of a peripatetic opportunist striking it lucky, one issue dominated – why does he wear two shirts at the same time? The speculation reached fever pitch towards the end of 2017 when this minor sartorial deviation became yet another marker of his special talents. He had “baffled” DC fashionistas.

“There is something hideously irresistible about Bannon,” the Financial Times commented as recently as July. “Is it the blend of a dishevelled public image – he wears two shirts simultaneously and looks as if he cuts his hair with a combine harvester – with scandalising political views?”

The only right answer to the question is of course: who cares? Or even better: why was the establishment defeated by this guy?

The GOP and Democrats candidates were didn’t even run the campaign in the proper way. Nobody had taken Donald Trump and Mr. Bannon serious, before it was too late.

People were (and are) not happy. Workers lost their jobs when factories move outbound. They needed (and still need) someone to blame. And Trump gave them easy targets: foreigners, the evil Chinese stealing your jobs, the naughty allies taking advantage of America and, of course, the establishment.

“Drain the swamp”, Trump chanted in his rallies.

People failed to realize that, as a real estate businessman, a billionaire, Trump was just another part of the swamp. How could you count on a part of the swamp to drain the swamp?

And people failed to realize that Bannon was another populists like the British Dominic Cummings who exploited people’s anger for their own agenda. And what they have been fighting for is no way the people.

So the voters back in 2016 chose Trump and Bannon, it was so sad.

But why were people not happy in the first place? Because the establishment ruling for decades if not centuries failed us and cheated us. Hillary Clinton didn’t even campaign that hard as Trump did. We were sorry that there was no alternative for the American people in 2016.

Is there any in the 2020? I am not so optimistic. The Democrats provide us with Jeo Biden, Kamala Harris and other people, just another same old leftist and progressive complex like the one in 2016. Here is the thing, if that can work, Trump could have no chance in 2016. So why do people expect that will work next year? The establishment is going to fail us again. There is still no alternative.

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