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Say no to waste of money.

President has fired his defense minister, Mr. Bolton.This is not surprising.Mr. Bolton and Mr. Bannon have much in common.They should not have been officials of the White House.

As early as the Bush era, Mr. Bolton had repeatedly sent troops to interfere in other countries.President Trump does not have so much money for him to spend.For Trump, anything that saves money is worth doing, however, anything that needs to spend money is still a problem.Mr. Bolton is the problem that needs to be solved.

Mr. Bannon’s work is even more expensive.President does not have so much budget for him to squander.So he was asked to get out in a few days after he took office.The main reason for Mr. Bannon’s unemployment is that he will let President Trump’s scam soon reveal.President Trump is just a bluff, he has no power, no money, no desire to complete any political claims put forward by Bannon.

It is the destiny of these three people to leave each other and enjoy their own lives.Then we will have a war madman who is incompetent, a political dreamer who has no results, and a lovely and harmless president.

Everyone is in the right direction, we like this ending.

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