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Say no to violent plunder

Some of recent actions of our President have reminded us of the tsar’s Russian Cossack, which also reminded us of the British empire and the pirates.

The ruthless and greedy Cossack kept occupying the alien land, robbing others’ resources, destroying the people of the alien population, and behind it was the support and charter of the czar, because the Cossack’s bandits were the efficient means of expanding and acquiring economic benefits for the low cost of the royal family.And Trump’s recent fierce crackdown on Tiktok also has to make us have similar historical associations, especially when he announced that it must take some of its interests to the state department after U.S. companies bought tiktok.

It is true that China has indeed become a powerful competitor of the United States in all aspects, and the United States should also consider how to deal with such cruel competition. However, the measures taken by our president have seriously harmed civil life and the business environment. Such measures will hurt themselves far more than they will hurt the enemy.If someone says that this analysis is actually superfluous, Trump’s attack on Tiktok is to retaliate against Tiktok users for not attending his speech. Then we should feel even more sad. Such a irrational leader is at the helm of a giant ship like the United States that is traveling in the Bermuda Triangle. Every member of our ship feels boundless fear.

One more thing is certain,Trump is not only hitting a Chinese company this time, but also countless bloggers who rely on this platform to make money to support their families. Many political groups and nonprofit organizations that use this platform for publicity will also be gagged by Trump. People will say that Trump himself relies on Twitter to make political comments and even influence the stock market for profit, but he cannot tolerate a Tiktok full of entertainment spirit to exist freely and happily in the United States.

Faced with such an absurd reality, we need to unite and shout: say no to violent plunder!

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