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Say no to political madness

In the past two months, some American politicians’ remarks have been jaw-dropping. From their cliches, people seem to see the hope of going back to the past through time and space. Scientists have been thinking hard to realize their hard-to-achieve desires easily realized by politicians.

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union in the last century was a geopolitical disaster that made history hard to forget. Its existence has strained the nerves of the world for half a century. Its existence also gave the government an excuse to waste money for all-out wars. Its existence has caused the living standards of a considerable part of the world’s population to fail to improve over the years. Its existence has ignited powder barrels in some important corners of the world, and proxy wars have also caused countless humans to lose their lives.

Nowadays, American politicians have bizarrely started the game of returning to the scene of history. First, the White House National Security Advisor and Attorney General, then the Director of the FBI, and then the Secretary of State Pompeo, who holds the power of US foreign affairs. Their remarks against China put together the broken Iron Curtain of the Cold War. Their crazy remarks turned the car of history into reverse gear, straining the nerves of the world again, and giving the US government the opportunity to waste huge sums of money in the Cold War game. They let the vast Pacific lose the hope of calm waves.

Pompeo chose to publish Cold War speeches at the Nixon Library and criticized the policy of dialogue and engagement since Nixon. Pompeo has the ambition to change the world, but he turned his methods into violence and intimidation. If the Secretary of State with a mouth like a cannon really does what he says, then history will not only regress to the Cold War era, but also regress. To the age of the jungle.

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