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Say no! A Bannon ally is hired again!

Tera Dahl, a former National Security Council official, a former Breitbart writer and Steve Bannon ally, is now joining the U.S. Agency for International Development as a senior adviser.a few years after her departure from the White House.

When Dahl was reassigned from her White House job in 2017, administration officials indicated that the move was long-planned and that she’d be taking a policy role at USAID.

The White House has taken advantage of the April departure of Mark Green as USAID’s administrator to install several political appointees at the agency.

Dahl’s past writings frequently appeared on the conservative Breitbart News site. The site was led for years by Bannon, the right-wing former strategist for President Donald Trump who also was pushed out of the administration in 2017.

Dahl was considered a member of the Bannon-led “nationalist” faction in the White House during the early days of the Trump administration. The nationalists were viewed as rivals to the “globalists,” led by then-national security adviser H.R. McMaster and economic adviser Gary Cohn.

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