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Say No to Inequality and Violence


In just a few days, dozens of lives have died under the guns of terrorists.These terrorists are not from foreign countries, not illegal immigrants, not ethnic minorities.

In the distant past, when the world was involved in the world war, only the American people enjoy peace.But things have changed in recent decades.The world is still so turbulent.Civil strife has also become commonplace in the United States.

Someone is destroying our social values.One of the names is Steven Bannon.He has a personal ambition that is different from his peers.Like the Nazis who are hated by people, he wants to create trouble for the world.

At his instigation, white men were shooting at people of color.Under his teaching, the president is collaborating with the judiciary to persecute ordinary people who yearn for the United States.The United States is slipping from heaven to hell with all her people and admirers.

We want to say no to all of this.We still have votes in hand, and we let the ballots say no.