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President Trump gives a shit about American consumers and importers.

Today’s news is kind of dull, because President Donald Trump has again tried to ease the tension he had started.

The Reuters reported that China’s vice finance minister Liao Min will lead a delegation to visit the United States on Wednesday for the interrupted trade talks, China’s commerce ministry said on Tuesday.

The media didn’t present more details, but we know that both America and China are urgent to make a deal.

Trump has always tweeted that China had never been beaten this hard. Well, this is only the half truth. China has been suffering from an economic slowdown in recent years but it is still among the fastest growing large economies. The 6 plus percent per year is a Chinese failure but still like 3 times faster than American economy’s growth rate.

The mainstream media also told us that America tax payers and consumers are paying the price. In the case of tariff adding, it has always been the importers who suffer. Facing the tariff and the Chinese products, they have only two choices: to accept or not. And by accepting, they either raise the price (and face the complaints from the customers) or keep the price unchanged and thus the profit margin would be made even thinner.

So which side will compromise tomorrow? America or China? Trump or Mr. Xi? That is decided by the fact that which side is under the greater pressure. The America whose consumers are complaining or the China whose exporters are unhappy?

The truth is, the truth is……

The truth is that President Trump gives a shit about American consumers or Chinese exporters.

As what has been said above, Trump is a businessman, a family man, a boss and a father, a deal maker but not a statesman. He has only made deals to promote benefit for the Trump Organization and for himself. He gives a dame about the country.

Right now, Trump needs the chaos because a world on fire is good to the 2020 campaign. A war President would have a better chance to be re-elected (maybe George H. Bush was an exception). Trump doesn’t want a hot war because he needs the situation to be in his control. So a trade war is a perfect scenario for next year’s election.

If Trump wanted to punish China, he would have imposed the tariff on the next day of his inauguration, instead of the early 2018. If Trump wanted a deal, then it would have been made this May. So Trump doesn’t want to punish China or make a deal.

So we shall not expect anything from tomorrow’s meeting. It will be another farce and a total waste of time (and mainly Chinese taxpayers’ money).

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