Capitol riots: Panel of Americans ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’

The storming of the US Capitol building in Washington DC stunned viewers around the world. But how did Americans feel seeing the seat of their government being ransacked? Simon grew up in Uganda during its civil war and became a US citizen last year. A […]
3 months ago

1994 crime bill written by Joe Biden

From YouTube: NollaGirl504:”Creepy uncle Joe has been a racist, corrupt, politician all my life. He ran for president two other times but had to drop out BC he got caught plagiarizing his speeches and his college thesis. Kamala Harris is no better. While being a […]
3 months ago

Say no to violent plunder

Some of recent actions of our President have reminded us of the tsar’s Russian Cossack, which also reminded us of the British empire and the pirates. The ruthless and greedy Cossack kept occupying the alien land, robbing others’ resources, destroying the people of the alien […]

Say no to political madness

In the past two months, some American politicians’ remarks have been jaw-dropping. From their cliches, people seem to see the hope of going back to the past through time and space. Scientists have been thinking hard to realize their hard-to-achieve desires easily realized by politicians. […]

Even the contraceptive subsidies have been cut, the Trump government has become a gross miser

The recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court in favor of the Trump administration’s bid to allow schools and employers to deny birth control coverage because of religious or moral objections will cause tens of thousands of employees and students across the country to lose coverage.  In a 7-2 ruling, the Court cleared the way for Trump administration rules that permit virtually any entity—corporation, university, or non-profit—to opt […]