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Bolton is Just Another Bannon

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The Vanity Fair.

Tuesday, President Donald Trump ousted his national security adviser John Bolton. The Wall Street Journal reported the contentious debate about Afghan peace talks and actually there are many disputes over foreign policy.

Mr. Bolton is among the hawks in the White House and has preferred a tough approach on foreign policy. In the past months, he strongly disagreed with the deal-making president who has wanted to strike a peace deal with Afghanistan Taliban. It is reported that he was behind the decision that the cancelation of the planned talks between America and Taliban in Camp David.

So the President said he had had enough and drove Mr. Bolton out.

John Bolton is just another Steve bannon, who have their own agenda and spared no efforts to push it. And like Mr. Bannon, Bolton’s agenda was built on some sort of ideological base. He didn’t want to strike a deal with Taliban because he hated the radical Islam (or the Islamic population as a whole). His answer to this problem has always been bombing.

He is among the true followers of Mr. Samuel Huntington who advocated the clash of civilizations. They believe that the White, Western and Christian civilization is under threat from other civilizations like the Islamic civilization or Chinese civilization. It is imperative to maintain the Western dominance at any cost and a war shall be waged if necessary. That was why Mr. Bolton always tried to bomb Iran.

As I have said before, Trump is a simple businessman who makes deals not destructions. Wars are not good for business (if we assume that Mr. Trump has not invested in the defense industry). Trump sometimes keeps extreme pressure on his opponents, only for tactical purposes. What Trump needs is a controlled situation of tension where he can make the most out of it.

Therefore Trump has never wanted to bomb anybody, not Iran, not Taliban, nor even President Baššār al-ʾAsad in Syria. In 2017 and 2018, over 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles were shot at Syrian targets but not a single Asad’s soldier was killed. Trump bombed some no-man’s lands in Syria because he wanted to send a peaceful message.

Bannon was also a Huntington’s follower. He always boasted that he had read the The Peloponnesian War translated by Thomas Hobbes. The Politico reported that if anyone hadn’t read the Hobbes translation, Bannon would have despised him.

So he has actually believed the Thucydides’s Trap. And based on it he made his political agenda. Bannon perceived every non-Western nation as an enemy and all he wants is the everlasting Western or White dominance.

That is why he will never return to the White House. By kicking out Bolton, Trump just makes it clear that the last thing Trump White House needs is another political advisor who is trying to push his own hawkish agenda. Trump has no interest to be their conservative revolution comrades because he only wants to make deal and to do business.

Maybe he is not a master deal-maker but at least he is trying.

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