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Before a Smocking-Gun: the time when Steve Bannon was Bought-up

In August 2017, the far-right populist Steve Bannon was driven out of the White House by President Donald Trump and ended up where he should be: a web extremist tabloid. Before he was hired by Trump, he had worked for the Braitbart for about 5 years.

Bannon had been the chief executive of the far-right news agency since 2012 right after his adventure in the Occupy Wall Street movement. In his long and wasted life, he has changed jobs even more frequently than President Trump changed political parties. Such a person was taken to the White House by Trump but the inner circle soon found out that he was nothing but a sad person who literally failed everything in his life.

Outside the White House, he has been fighting a failing campaign to return to politics. It is reported that he was bought up by a Chinese spy. Even the Braitbart turned its back to him when he try to bite the President.

The Wall Street Journal reported the relationship between Bannon and his Chinese ally in Chinese Tycoon Holed Up in Manhattan Hotel Is Accused of Spying for Beijing. The Chinese Tycoon is an disaster and anybody around him suffers.

We have gathered enough details which should be useful during the impeachment inquiry. We will have our voice heard and the whole world will be awestruck. To be continue.  

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