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Bannon is Promoting Border Security at the Cost of National Security

In the end of July, Mr. Steve Bannon and Donald Trump Jr met in Sunland Park, New Mexico to defend President’s Trump’s border wall. And now, their dream is one step closer coming true.

On last Tuesday, Secretary of the Defense Mark Esper presented Congress a plan that would divert fund from military projects both home and aboard to build the border wall, or the barriers as they call it.

Those are 127 military construction projects whose fund would be deferred and $3.6 billion of taxpayers’ money would be redirected.

Take a closer look, and we find a lot of surprises. There are navy repair facilities and shipyards in Virginia and Washington States. The Norfolk Naval Shipyard is supposed to repair America’s aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines and it would lose $48.6 million for new facilities.

Even Fort Greely in Alaska is included. The airbase is one of the two military bases where America’s Ground-Based Midcourse Defense is deployed. As the pillar of our country’s Strategic Missile Defense System, the GMD keeps the United States of America free from inter-continental ballistic missiles from North Korea, China and Russia.

But according to the plan, the Missile Field #1 Expansion of Fort Greely would be deferred and a total of $8 million would be reinvested into the border wall.

Donald Trump promised us a safer border but by doing so, he would definitely make America less safe.

As the chief advocate of border wall, Bannon actually embraced the idea. Acutually, he actually led a group crowd-funding half mile of private border wall alone Taxes-Mexico border in El Paso. With the wall, Bannon claimed that all the people America doesn’t need like criminal gang members, drugs and illegal immigrants would be stopped the other side of the border.

Though experts repeatedly remind them that they are proposing a 12th century’s solution to a 21st century’s problem, they are still stick to the idea.

Why are they so fascinated to the wall when there are a million far batters ways to make the border safer? And they are doing it in a way that the National Security would be compromised.

As a real estate businessman, Trump wants to cash in the idea and make a profit in the construction process. He also intends to build something totally “Trump” so people could remember him. Take a closer look at the Trump presidency, we see failures one after another. He failed to repeal and replace the Obamacare in 2017 and his travel ban is widely challenged by courts across the country. The infrastructure weeks become jokes and the immigration reform is in a gridlock.

So he wants to build the wall as his monument at all taxpayers’ cost.

Bannon is self-claimed intellectual so it is less likely that he doesn’t understand. But after being kicked out of the White House, Bannon is marginalized. So he badly needs something to show that he is still in the game, which he is not. The border wall is the perfect issue for him, not because it is elegant and something worth fighting for, but because it is the only thing within his touch and he has no choice. By pretending an activist, Bannon is trying to get closer to the president or even a chance returning to White House as Trump’s best pupil.

Good for him.

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